Day 1 //  The bud

This is the first step in the blooming stage.  The petals are closely entwined with one another and are shaped into an almond figure. It tapers to the top with most of its weight in the centre. 
Day 2  //  The Awakening
This is the second step within the blooming stage. The petals are beginning to lift and open up from the tip. 
Day 3  //  The Seperation
The third step into the blooming of the flower follows close to the previous step. The petals are separating and dropping as they fully blossom while the centre remains closed and heavy. 
Day 4  //  Borderline 

The fourth step in the sequence shows the development of the flower slowly coming to an end. The majority of the petals have dropped and the centre of the flower is now visible. 
Day 5 //  The Finale 
This drawing concludes the sequence for the blooming of the flower. All petals have dropped except for one that is slowly making its way down. 

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